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Soal Semester Biologi 2007/2008

Choose one correct answer.

  1. Based on the composition of the name it can be determined that Solanum nigrum, Solonum tuberrusum, and Solonum lycopersicum are included in one….
A.Class                        B. Order           C. Family         D. Genus         E. Species

2.   Biodiversity can be using classification of organisms. The purpose of the classification below is….  
      A. to determine the similarity and difference of organisms
      B. to give name for each organism
      C. to simplify study object about organism,
      D. to find the differences and similarities of characteristics
      E. to group the organisms

3.   Komodo lizard is the only one giant lizard which lives in our country, so it needs to be protected from extinction. So the living place of Komodo should be made…..
      A. national park
      B. refores fation priority region
      C. beach
      D. animal protection
      E. forest reserve

4.   In the efforts to keep natural balance, then one of them is protecting natural reservation with the following purposes, except……
      A. protecting animals and plant
      B. keeping ecological balance
      C. giving educative effect
      D. giving tourism effect
      E. hunting place for wild animal

5.   The statement below which is not included in of natural resource ex situ reservation is …
      A. collection garden
      B. reservation of javanese rhinoceros in Ujung Kulon
      C. germ plasm garden
      D. botanical garden
      E. storage in the chamber of cold temperature

6.   One example of fauna protection is the rhinocoros protection in Ujung Kulon, this is besed on the consideration of ….
A. the presence of Rhinoceros in Indonesia in only in Ujung Kulon
B. avoiding the extinction of Rhinoceros and preventing the destruction of another  animals
C.its horn has high value
D. Rhinoseros is included into endemic animal in Indonesia
E. accelerating the marriage process of Rhinoseros 

7.   Below is the figure of musci. In part X there is the process of…
      A. fomation of asporogonium
      B. formation of ovum
      C. formation of spermatozoa
      D. mitosis of spore formation
      E. meiosis of spore formation 

  1. In life cycle of moss, the spore grows to be …

A. protonema
B. prothallium
  C. antheridium
  D. archegonium
  E. moss

9.   The following are characteristics of plant
      1. has soarus                         
      2. gametophyte is more dominaant     
      3. has protoneme
      4. has parallel leaf  veins         
      5. sporophyte level is more dominant   
      6. has prothallium
      Characteristics of ferns are…
A.1, 2 and 3
   B. 1,5 and 6
C. 2,3 and 4
D. 3,4 and 5
E. 4, 5 and 6

10. Among the kinds of plant below, the one included into the group of spored chormophyte     Is…
A. Fern

B. resin

C.     teki grass

D.     cocor bebek

E.  strawbery                       

  1. In fern the part which has the number of chromosom of 2n ( diploid ) is…
A. the fern itself
B. its spores
C. prothalium
D. archegonium
E. rhizoid
  1. A plant has the following characteristics
1. has tap root              2. its stem and root have cambium     
3. its leaf is narrow, thick, and stiff     4. has strobillus
Based on the characteristics, then that plant is grouped into…
A.     gymnospermae
B.     angiospermae
C.     dicotyledon
D.     bryophyte
E.      monocotyledon

  1. Monocotyledons can be distinguished from dicotyledons based on particular characteristics which are found all of the structure below, except…
A. the composition of the root
B. anatomical composition of the stem
C. morphology of the flower
D. the haploid property of the reproduction cell
E. basic frame of the leaf

14. The group of plants such as ginger, saffron, and greater galangal which are assually used to make traditional herbal medicine are put into the family of…
      A. Pandanaceae
      B. Zingiberceae
      C. Liliaceae
      D. Amarylliadaceae
      E. Graminea ( Paoceae )

15. The correct relation between reproduction organ of plant and is spreading method is…
      A. tobacco with insect because tobacco seed is small and contain fat
      B. tobacco with insect because the tobacco seed is small and cannot be diggested
      C. rice plant with wind because its seed is small so it is easily flown
      D. coconut with the wind because its tree is tall and is fruit is dry and light
      E. bayan tree with mammal because its fruit can stick to the body of mammal

16. The things below which differentiate single fertilization from double fertilization is…
      A. the formation of embryo
      B. the process of fertilization
      C. frequency of fertilization
      D. the kind of reproduction
      E. the formation process of pollen vassel

17. The benefit of tissue culture is to obtain …
      A. varied  product of the superior kind of plant
      B. large quantity of superior discents
      C. the new kind of plant which stands for long time
      D. new individual which in a large number in relatively short time
      E. new individual which reproduces fast

18. Material or substance that compose the skeleton of porifera is…
      A. gravel          B. chitin           C. cartilage       D. bone                        E. cellulose

      19. Aurelia aurita ( jellyfish ) has two kind of body shape but what we see everyday is the body shape    
      A. medusa       B. polyp           C. planula        D. skifistoma   E. efira

20. The ultimate weapon for coelantrata in facing their anemies are….
      A. koanosit      B. knidoblast               C. hipnotoksin             D. nematokist          E. tentakel

21. In the Fasciola hepatica life cycle, which live in the body snail are…
      A. adult worm and egg
      B. miracidium and sporokista
      C. spokista and redia
      D. redia and cercaria
      E. spokista and cercaria

22. Consider the table below !
Species worm
First host
Parasite to
1. Fasciola hepatica
A. Cow
P. Human
2. Necator americanus
B. Pig
Q. sheep
3. Taenia saginata
C. snail
R. Mouse
In the above the right pair is …
      A. 1- C- R        B. 1- B- Q        C. 2- A- P        D. 3- A- R        E. 3- A- P

23. A child every night always nervous because feels itchy in anus. The kind of worm which cause that thing is…
      A. Necator americanus                        B. Enterobius vermicularis
      C. Taenia saaginata                  D. Fasciolopsis busci               E. Ascaris lumbricoides

24. The worm below which is included into Oligochaeta is…
      A. Nereis virens                                   B. Eunece viridis                     C. Lysidice spec
      D. Hirudo medicinalis              E. Lumbricus terestris

25. The function of ambulacral system in Echinodermata is for organ of …
      A. reproduction           B. excretion                 C. respiration   D. body defence          E. movement

26. If found organism which lives in the sea, has round shape, its skin has spiny, its shape is symmetry radial. Then can be concluded that the organism is included into class…
      A. Asteroidea   B. Echinoidea     C. Ophiuroidea         D. Crinoidea    E. Holothuroidea

27. The group of animal which is included in vertebrate in known because all of its class…
      A. hot blooded                         B. live on the land       C. have spinal columm
      D. breath by using lung                        E. reproduce by viviparous

28. Below is several fish, that is :
      1. golden fish               2. gurami fish              3. rayfish         4. mujair fish        5. shark
      Which of that group of fish have the same group ?
      A. 1, 2 and 3                B. 1, 2 and 4                C. 1, 2 and 5    D. 2, 3 and 4     E. 2, 3 and 5

29. Given the kind or worm below :
      1. Taenia solium          2. Fasciola hepatica     3. Ascaris lumbricoides                4. Lumbricus teresris          5. Ancylostoma duodelale     6. Clonorchis sinensis
      The group of worm which have parasitic in human small intestine is…
      A. 1-2-3           B. 1-3-4           C.1-3-5                        D. 2-3-5           E. 2-4-6

30. Whale and dolphine have morphological characteristic that approach fish than mammal which live on the land. The characteristic of that animal are :
      1. breath by using lung                        2. reproduce by making child        3. body has no hair
      4. movement organ is fin         5. constant body temperature          6. nostril hole can be closed
      Among the characteristic above, which can classify whale and dolphin into mammal is…
      A. 1, 3 and 4         B. 1,2 and 5                  C. 2, 3 and 4                 D. 2,4 and 5            E. 2, 5 and 6

31. Organism which can decompose organic waste deriving from dead plant and animal are…
      A. bacteria and fungi               B. bacteria and algae                C. fungi and termites
      D. algae and eartworms                       E. eartworms and algae

32. In a pond community interaction occurs, where the producer is…
      A. plankton as microorganism       B. grass as green plant         C. zooplankton as trophic I level
D. phytoplankton as trophic I level    E. phytoplankton as trophic II level.

     33.  Below are food chains found in nature :
      1. fragments of plants à eartworm àstarling à hawk
      2. animal carrion à maggots à frog à eart snake
      3. rose moisture à leaf bug à kepik ( Nezera viridula ) à spider à wood pecker
      4. nectare à bee à spider à shrew à owl
      The food chhain for herbivores is shown by numbers…
      A. 1 and 2        B. 1 and 3        C. 2 aand 3      D. 2 and 4        E. 3 and 4

34. Forest fires are highly disadvantageous since a forest which has caught fire will take a long  time to return to a forest community, because…
      A. ecological succession does not start from woody stems
      B. the high temperature during forest fire damages the land structure
      C. the springs in the forest dry out
      D. the extinction of seeds of the plants which have grown in the area
      E. the barren forest due to fire will cause erosion and reduce land fertility

35. Air pollution is mainly caused by compounds such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxide, sulfur oxide, and so on. One problem related to air pollution is acid rain, that is rainwater that has low PH due to formation of carbonic acid. Pollutant that causes acid rain is …
      A. NO              B. hydrogen                 C. CO 2           D. SO               E. dust

36. Burning trust is not a good action because …
      A. the mineral do not go back to earth
      B. content of CO 2 in the air increases
      C. content of N2 in the air does not in crease
      D. humidity decreases
      E. content of O2 in the air decreases

37. The following are efforts to prevent environment pollution except…
      A. to relocate airport far from residential areas
      B. to use exhaust pipes on motor vehicles
      C. to reforest cities
      D. to build irrigation channels
      E. to convert waste to compost

38. Human activities which can create disturbance to environmental balance are …
      A. shifting cultivation and monoculture farming
      B. organic farming and hydroponic
      C. culture of tissue and indication radiation
      D. rotation of plant and forest burning
      E. catching fish with large trawling net

39. If insecticide pollution of a water ecosystem happens for several years, the highest content of the substance will be found in …
      A. the local water
      B. water plants
      C. the bodies of water insects
      D. the bodies of carnivores
      E. the bodies of herbivores

40. From the results of observation as part of urban environment study done by some students of biology, the following data are obtained :
      1. the drainage system is poor
      2. houses are too crowded
      3. waste disposal is done any where
      4. roads and gardens are poorly maintained
      One of the efforts that can be made to improve the quality of the environment is …
A.     to move all inhabitants to other places
B.     to rearrange the environment to make it worth living in
C.     to burn trash
D.     to build new housings
E.      to build new roads 

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