Kamis, 20 Desember 2012

Chili's artikel

Lombok is not only a pretty hot island for tourist seeking downtime. The word also means chili in Bahasa Indonesia and for good reason : both Lombok and its neighbour Sumbawa produce an incredible array of fresh, tasty chillies which are used in all sorts of delicious dishes throughtout the islands.

And now it’s official according the recent press and website reports—you can chomp into Lombok’s crunchy chillies and devour the island’s spicy concostions to your heart content- literally. The web report says lowering the risk of heart disease is just one major health benefit of eating spicy foods.

Studies have shown that in cultures in which spicy food is eaten daily, the incidence of stroke and heart attack is lower because chillies can fight two conditions that increase the risk of heart problem. It seems that red peppers reduce the damaging effects of bad or high colesterol, while capsaicin, the main compaund is chillies pappers, may flight inflammation.

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